Back to School

We tried to make the most of our last days of summer. We went to Artsy Me Saturday and our kids made new bowls for their favorite dishes (Umami bowls, my homemade chili, and White Chicken Chili). It was all because I was spastically putting away dishes and knocked Max’s other bowl out of the cupboard and caused it to shatter on the counter. But we had fun, and they’ve loved having their very own unique bowls for dinner.

Monday we went to the lake with some friends from other wards. Unfortunately we left with a wasp sting on Harvey’s arm, but despite getting stung, he still managed to have a good time for another hour or two before we left.

Tuesday I woke up not feeling so great so we took the day to stay home and get stuff ready for back to school. We went to back to school night that evening and I was feeling much better by the evening.

Wednesday we went to a friend’s home to have one last pool day with some other friends who were headed back to Texas. It was a lot of fun, but again, we left with Harvey getting stung. He thought it would be a good idea to stomp on a bee… it was not. Sometimes life lessons are best learned the hard way, because Mom telling him NOT to do that and to stay away from the bees was apparently not going to stick.

And Thursday we were back to school with a blast! I went to the gym, ran some much needed errands and it was pretty much time to get the kids from school. The day went by fast for them too. They like their new teachers and I’m pretty sure we’re going to have a great year for all three of them. Even Beverly enjoyed her first day of all day Kindergarten, though she had a few meltdowns over very trivial things that wouldn’t normally set her off, so I’m pretty sure she was overwhelmed, but unsure of how to express it with out a complete meltdown.

Saturday, the Stake Primary threw their annual back to school bash. Max opted to stay home so he could make it to a birthday party, so I took the other three. They had an absolute blast.

On another note, I was reading in Alma and came across these verses:

And the words, “Look to God and live,” really resonated with me. I think that it means so much more than staying alive or even having immortal life, that it is in essence, what it really means to have a fulfilling, worthwhile life. To look to God means that our decisions, our focus, and our daily endeavors have an anchor in the gospel. I make the decisions that I make because of my faith. I plan my future with the purpose of the gospel of Jesus Christ in my mind. It also reminded me that sometimes we see people quite literally looking to a different source– our phones, social media, celebrities, money, fame, etc. And slowly we begin to make decisions with those things being our anchors. I think it can happen so subtly and quickly we don’t even realize it, which shows me just how important it is to be conscious of how we spend our time an prioritize our lives.

One last little note, I have to HIGHLY recommend the movie, “Happiness for beginners.” It was uplifting, thought provoking, funny, and the romance had great chemistry. It’s on Netflix. Let me know what you think when you get a chance to watch it.

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