Came out with a bang!

We started our week out with a bang… literally. Our kids didn’t have school Monday so we thought we’d take advantage and sleep in. Nothing gets a mom out of bed faster than a large bang followed by a bloodcurdling scream. A mother knows by the tone of the scream if it is “Stop getting in my space,” or “you stole my toy,” or “ouch, that kinda hurt” to “This is so painful that there is nothing to do BUT scream.” It was the last one. I scooped him up and tried to get the story from the kids. Well, there was a lot of dodging and not really getting to the point. Andy came down shortly after. I was moving his arm around (the one he said hurt) to see if it could move and all the bones were in place. Andy said, “Do you know how to check it?” I replied, “No, actually. Would you do the honors?” He took over and moved it around too, but Harvey continued to scream. So after about 15 minutes we decided to take him in. Just how we wanted to spend our day off. Max had his expander pop out the night before so I headed in one direction and Andy went the other. Maverick and Beverly went to the neighbors. After a long wait, the X-ray didn’t show a break, but because he wouldn’t put any weight on the arm, the doctors decided to splint it for five days. If it was still in pain after that we have to go back and get it re-x-rayed to make sure. At his age, it is harder to detect a break. Meanwhile, they fixed Max’s expander and we headed home from the orthodontist. About two minutes away from their office Max said it felt funny. I glanced back and couldn’t see anything, so I hoped it was just the glue feeling weird. I did ask him why he didn’t tell the tech at the office that and decided to wait till we had already left before mentioning anything… it lead to a good life lesson of speaking up for ourselves because no one can know what we need or what we are feeling. We got home and he showed it to me again. It was completely out… again. I called them at 11:58 and they told me to come back after their lunch break. So I spent most of my day at the orthodontist and Andy spent his day off of work at work… It was a day. I’m glad to say Harvey isn’t in as much pain and can seem to put some weight on it, though he does baby that arm still. He complains if I hold that hand and doesn’t like to straighten it out, but it is a lot better than it was so I think we’re in the clear. The story came out that they were launching each other onto the couch with Max’s legs… another good life lesson learned: what goes up, must come down, and also, maybe don’t throw your tiny brother across the room. Harvey was quick to forgive, because, as he told Andy, “It was fun, but it hurt.” And truly, Max was just trying to have fun with his siblings. I just wish my kids’ favorite past time wasn’t rough housing.

Aside from normal life, I’ve been busy with Marco Polo. I joined this Marco Polo Ambassador program. Essentially, I get to meet new people across the country with Marco Polo and share the plus pass with anyone interested. I’m in two “community groups.” One is for artists/creatives and the other is for Healthy eating. Coincidentally 4/6 of the creatives are LDS and 3/10 of the healthy eating women are LDS (one even lives in my town!). I have enjoyed getting to know more about these interesting ladies and seeing how much we have in common despite our various backgrounds and life struggles. If you’d like to enjoy a Marco Polo Plus pass for two months free (no credit card info or anything, it’ll just disappear when it expires), here’s my link!

If it doesn’t work after you opt in, try force exiting the app and going back in and it should work.

These next two weeks were doing a happiness challenge. They’ve done and are continuing to do studies on the affects of Marco Polo vs. texting and so far the data shows that having that face to face contact (even digitally) has shown to increase happiness more than through texting. I have used Marco Polo for the past five or more years. It kept me in contact with dear friends in Houston when I had to move away and continues to keep me in contact with friends from high school, my mission, and of course my family that lives far away. If anyone wants to join me in this challenge and doesn’t have someone they can or want to Polo, I am happy to polo with you!

Despite the fact that we’ve kind of had yucky weather all week, spring waits for no one. The trees are blossoming and so I hit Costco and came home with some dirt.. and a few other funs things. Andy said, “I see you found more than dirt.” I just laughed… I am not much of a spender, I promise, but I saw these beautiful pots at costco and they were a steal considering how much they sell for at Home Depot. Then of course, I had to buy bulbs to put in them. And enough dirt. And we really needed trellises for the garden because I love to plant peas and green beans and they really do better when they have something to climb. I also read that it helps with the pests. So let’s hope that’s true! My poor grapes and fig tree keep getting attacked by weather and a dog who shall remain unnamed, but I did get a trellis for the grapes. I went to pressure wash off our porch from all the dirt exchanging that went on with the pots and discovered that the last person who borrowed it brought it back to us broken. So Andy got a better one and pressure washed my porch so fast! It looks a ton better and I feel all ready for spring now.

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