Happy Anniversary Andy

We celebrated this anniversary (13) by cleaning the backyard, getting it ready for planting AND pressure washing the back porch for our new patio furniture. They’re already covered in pollen so I’ll have to blow it off with the leave blower with some serious mask/eye protection. BUT we love it already. They’re comfortable and look nice. We love spending evening on the patio with friends or our kids and just talking around the little fire pit.

We also got to go out to dinner to our “special occasion” favorite restaurant, Cork and Flame. It was delicious and it is always a fun and unique experience with warm towelettes to start us off with palette cleansers between courses. I got the Salmon with leak and Andy got the risotto. We walked away full and had a great time. I truly am grateful I’ve had Andy by my side throughout most of my adult life. I knew he was the one when I felt I could be myself and still feel loved. He was so helpful with my school work when I was a teacher and that has crossed over to our life with our kids. There were times during training where he wasn’t as available (and I felt it), but despite being worn out and beat down by work, he’d still give us everything he had left. I’m grateful we are out of that stage and we can once again enjoy the less stressed out of our minds version of us. I look forward to all of the adventures I will have with this guy and can’t wait to see what this next year holds.

I only ate two meals that day because I went to brunch with some friends for Anica’s birthday. We are so very sad because they are most likely moving this summer and we have really grown to love their family. Their daughter is our babysitter and I think Harvey will be genuinely heartbroken when they move. Here’s a video of him picking her up for date night to come babysit (by the look of the video you’d think he was picking HER up for the date). He is also wearing a Buc-ee’s Santa outfit which he believes is Super Mario in flying squirrel form.

Saturday was chores, sports, dance, and a birthday party.

Harvey is in such a fun stage. I want to put a pause on where we’re at in life and just soak it all in. He makes me laugh. And also loves to snuggle still which I enjoy every single second of it. Max is super responsible, doing great in school, and still a helpful sweetheart (hoping that doesn’t change when he turns into a teen). Maverick is doing good in school, better with his self-control, and is soaking in all things music and baseball. Beverly keeps getting awards from school for her behavior and I can see she is a teacher’s pet. She has a lot of good friends, a super long stride when she’s running and still loves to get pampered. When she’s in a good mood, she’s quick to help and take care of her little brother (and older ones if they need it).

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