Happy Easter

Our church had a special Sunday for Easter. We joined our meeting with the neighboring ward. We were able to listen to several musical numbers and a short talk from a member in our Stake Presidency. I love how quickly the music brings the spirit into the meeting. There weren’t any lengthy sermons, but solemn testimonies and witnesses through song. The primary sang the last musical number, “I feel My Savior’s Love.” I helped direct them with the sign language motions. Easter brings a lot of fun for kids. We use it as an opportunity to replenish our kids’ outdoor usable toys (replace popped/flat balls, chalk, bubbles) and keep it simple, because we really want our kids’ main focus to be on our Savior Jesus Christ. Every Sunday we share what we love about each other. This Sunday we shared what we were grateful for from our Savior. I love hearing the simple and profound things the kids say when they’re sharing what they feel and know about the gospel. We had a lot of fun attending an Easter Egg hunt after church and came home and had a quiet family dinner. My kids wanted me to invite some families, but I am frequently the host in our friends group so I really didn’t feel like it this time around. I’m glad I didn’t because I have been fighting off some cold all week and it seems to be getting worse.

We had a good week, but a lot of those we love had a hard week. I felt my prayers getting longer and longer towards the end of the week. Max’s darling friend, down the street, wound up in the hospital with pneumonia. I kept in touch with her parents throughout the weekend, seeing if there was anything I could do for them. She was able to return home Easter morning. Saturday evening I picked up a little vase with flowers in it to have Max take them to her. It was so cute seeing him deliver his sweet little friend flowers and I’m sure it made her day after having such a long week.

My sister’s baby, Zack had his first cleft lip surgery. It went well and I was so relieved. That poor baby though. It truly brought tears of empathy, relief, and gratitude when I saw him all bruised, but fine after his surgery. My cousin Kaisley wound up in a serious dirt biking accident, but aside from some lung issues, she will probably be ok. April has always been a bit of a hard month as we remember the death of my brother, but since it is usually accompanied with Easter, I am always comforted. As I partook of the sacrament and pondered on my Savior, I felt a huge sense of gratitude. Despite all the trials my loved ones are going through, he is there. I told my children, as we circled around our table for dinner that I have felt my Savior when I felt no one else. When I felt utterly alone, He was there. When I wasn’t sure how to make my life, myself, better, he showed the way. He has been my rock and my strength through the toughest of times and now that things are better for our family, I remember Him still. He is the surety that no matter what may come our way, all will work together for our good. Residency was a refiners fire for myself and my marriage, but without my Savior I would’ve crumbled and instead of refining these parts of myself, I would’ve been left in ruins. I truly am grateful for Jesus Christ and the three culminating parts of His atonement, the suffering in the Garden of Gethsemane, the crucifixion on the cross, and the breaking of the bands of death with the resurrection. He died, but rose again. He lives. I know it. I feel it in my soul, but I’ve also had the evidence of his influence in my life. I am so excited for General Conference this weekend and look forward to receiving more knowledge and guidance from our Savior through His living prophets.

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