Coming into Masters week and spring break.

Now that the pollen has stopped and the flowers are all blooming, masters is in full swing. Our kids start their spring break tomorrow. Because we went to Hawaii (and Andy can’t take much time off) we are staying here for Spring break. We are going to make the most of it though! I’ll tell you more about what we do next week, but sneak peak: I’m going to be exhausted. This past week was really low key, but mostly because I was not feeling well. I only got to workout two days of the week, which is sad because working out makes my mind AND body feel better. I am finally on the mend. I went on a short walk today (interrupted by Harvey skinning his knee) and I could still feel some junk in my chest so I’m not quite 100%. I also had a dentist appointment and field day for the kids this week. The kids are glad I came, but really they’re just having fun with their classmates. Both Beverly and Harvey were really good to include their little brother in some of the relay races. Max was sweet with Harvey too, but his field day was a lot more athletic than the younger grades.

We finished the week off with General Conference. I love General Conference weekends. I painted while listening to our Prophet and Apostles (and other general authorities). I felt very inspired and received some specific instruction on how to be more intentional in gospel teaching with my kids. We’re already pretty good to do family prayer, but I loved the talk that encouraged us to pray for our siblings. I pray for mine often, especially since some of them are going through some major trials, but we have now added in the ritual of having our children ask for specific prayers when we are kneeling for family prayer. I think this will teach them more about the nature of prayer and how to pray as well as build unity in our home as they hear their siblings pray for them. I also felt a recurring theme to “Think Celestial” and to focus on the Savior instead of behaviors. As Preach My Gospel stated, “True doctrine, understood, changes attitudes and behavior. The study of the doctrines of the gospel will improve behavior quicker than a study of behavior will improve behavior… That is why we stress so forcefully the study of the doctrines of the gospel” (Elder Boyd K. Packer 1986). As I focus on teaching my children bout their Savior and His sacrifice, the things we teach them in the way of commandments will be more easy to follow. I’m reminded of a time on my mission where one of our recent converts took the name of the Lord in vain in nearly every sentence. My companion and I would go over the Ten Commandments repeatedly, trying to get the message across. The interesting thing to see was, that as she participated in the sacrament and attended church weekly, following her Savior to the best of her knowledge and ability, the little things that we were worried about slowly dissipated or disappeared. She was a testament that focusing on the Savior will help bring about sanctification.

I am excited to reread the talks and learn even more, because there were some very powerful ones.

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