Coming to the End of the School Year

I honestly can’t believe it’s already the end of the school year. Just two and a half more days left! We got to celebrate Max at honor’s day at his school. I am so very proud of Max. He started kindergarten while still struggling with his speech, which majorly affected his reading. Despite it all, he’s always done well with math and science and now he is on the A-honor roll list because he has managed to get his reading grade up as well! This did not come easy to him. We had many evenings tutoring him (both mom and dad– though he tends to prefer dad’s teaching methods more). We know that this honor certificate was well earned. When we decided to get him medication to help with his ADHD (a last resort), he told us a week later that he was “smart now.” Which really broke my heart, because I had always seen how intelligent he was, I understood that he just struggled to focus, which I explained to him. The way this kid’s brain works is truly amazing. He thinks outside the box and always wants to know the how and why of things. He’s definitely got an engineering brain. For fun he learns computer coding and builds intricate designs with his legos and kiwi crates (something his grandparents invested in him). He is also extremely creative. I love the books he writes, the drawings he comes up with and the designs he builds. He is a good friend and doesn’t allow others to define his worth. I asked him if anyone was ever mean to him at school. He said, “Yes, but I stay away from them because they’re the trouble kids.” Seriously, how wise is that? I wish I had done that at his age! I asked him if he was ok with the times that they had been mean and he said, “I don’t think they realized they were hurting my feelings.” Which is seriously so generous of him. I am grateful that he appreciates and is confident in the friends he does have and recognizes that those who don’t see his amazing personality aren’t worth his time. I feel a lot more ready to send him off to middle school. I hope he can maintain that confidence and drive.

We also got to celebrate Beverly at her kindergarten graduation (don’t ask me why they had a kinder graduation and not a fifth grade one…) and at her dance recital.

My flowers are almost all in full bloom. I’m really enjoying the various colors and I am so excited because my hydrangeas FINALLY bloomed… it only took four years!

We also had fun at home, with costume time (always), playing with Maverick’s new turtle, Mikey, and Harvey’s last day of preschool (he couldn’t be more excited).

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