End of the School Year fun

We started the week of attending Beverly’s preschool graduation. Her brothers were really excited to come to help support their sister (or maybe just miss half a day of school). It was a darling performance with singing and it the longest part was waiting for it to start. Harvey was a bit of a pill as usual. He’s gotta live up to his hurricane name, ya know?

On Thursday we got to attend “Bluey’s Big Play.” It was only 50 minutes long and even with kids, it went by fast! It was super darling. Our next door neighbor went (she was in the balcony) and asked me if I cried. I laughed, but I did get a little emotional when I saw the joy on my kids’ faces as they danced and smiled the entire performance. My parents used to take me to plays (and then helped support me being in them) as a kid, and I’m super grateful we’re at a place where we can afford to do that for our kids.

On Saturday we attended Beverly’s Recital. It was two and a half hours long! THAT is a LONG time for three boys (and to be honest, the parents as well). She danced in one number at the beginning and one at the end. They had a bunch of competition level dancers throughout so it was a good recital, just very long. I may be biased, but Bev’s dance numbers were the best (I do believe I heard the most clapping and cheering during her numbers too, but I’m sure we are just louder parents than the other classes). I’m not sure how to post the video on here, but here are some darling pictures of her.

On Monday, for family night, we talked about giving our Savior what is due to him (from the scripture, “render therefore unto Caesar the things which be Caesar’s, and unto God the things which be God’s.” And had them design a coin that would represent what is “God’s” in their life. Here’s what we came up with. Bev tried to make one but messed up and gave up… she’s had a highly emotional week, so we’re hoping it’s just end of the school year emotions.

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