Juggling Activities

We had a very full week juggling after school activities. We had Maverick’s last baseball game, whiffle ball with some family friends, Max’s football game (and team pictures), Max’s school play, piano lessons, and I got to attend Harvey’s fall festival at his preschool.

Today we had a wonderful primary program. I was super nervous because 1) I was in charge of it and 2) my primary president thought it would be lovely to do a musical number with me and the kids. It turned out ok, but it was nerve-racking!

I felt the spirit really strongly as the kids got up and shared their unique perspectives to gospel questions. One in particular paused before saying his part to thank his parents for supporting him in being there. I’m not really sure why, but my eyes welled up with tears. I know this kid and his life has been HARD. He had leukemia, his family is going through a divorce, and he is a survivor. He struggles in primary sometimes. It’s hard to keep still and not make tons of noise for two hours, but I could tell, as he shared his testimony, that he had faith despite it all. He knew that he was a son of God. I think that children are so much closer to the spirit than we are and it is so easy to forget, in this world of chaos, that we have divine origin. It makes sense to me that this would be Satan’s ultimate desire: for us to forget that we are children of God. So many influences in the world seem to darken our understanding and make it almost impossible to remember these divine truths. I am grateful for the knowledge and faith that I have that I am a daughter of God. It sculpts my identity and helps me move forward with hope and faith in times of darkness and trials.

Halloween fun!

My sister “kindly” took this screen shot of me singing. It was nerve racking, but I’m glad I overcame my fear.

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